M/s.Blow Packaging India Ltd With decades of experience and know how, M/s.Blow Packaging India Ltd has the total infrastructure to provide complete packaging solutions. The factory is equipped with the latest state-of-Injection moulded in one piece with reinforced ribs for extra strength for manufacturing Conipack Pails Convenient Handling closed mouth / full open top barrels. Another important factor is the location of the factory at Ambattur industrial Area, which is well connected by road & rail and has a close proximity to the Chennai port.

15 Ltr Omega Pail 20 Ltr Pail 27 Ltr Pail
SPECIFICATION  15 Ltr Omega Pail 20 Ltr Pail   27 Ltr Pail
 VOLUME Ltrs(Brimful)    16.6    23.8      26.8 ltr
 WEIGHT Grms    565+/-10    775+/-10      840+/-10
 TOP DIA mm    305+/-2    307+/-2      337+/-2
 Profile top  DIA mm    283+/-2    297+/-2      323+/-2
 Top inner dia    249+/-2    266+/-2      318+/-2
 BOTTOM O.D.mm    245+/-2    260+/-2      267+/-2
 BOTTOM I.D.mm    245+/-2    260+/-2      259+/-2
 HEIGHT mm    320.5+/-2    382+/-2      396+/-2
 AVG.WALL THIICKNESS m    1.6+/-0.2    1.6+/-0.2      1.8+/-0.2
Quality Specification Report For Lid ::
15 Ltr Omega Pail 20 Ltr Pail  27 Ltr Pail
 Lid Test Standard
 Weight (Gms)     190+/-5
 Profile O.D.mm     280+/-2
 Maximum O.D.mm     303+/-2
 Lid Test Standard
 Weight (Gms)     240+/-10
 Profile O.D.mm     306+/-2
 Lid Test Standard
 Weight (Gms)     265+/-5
 Profile O.D.mm     336+/-2
 Maximum O.D.mm     343+/-2
                Features       Applications
Injection Molded in one piece with reinforced ribs for extra strength water based adhesives
No metal parts means rustproof and long life Paints and varnishes
Lightweight, long wearing and reusable Water based paints
No seams and won't dent. Inks and coatings
More Cast - effective than metal pails Chemical agricultural chemicals
Empty pail nest for low - cost stacking and shipping Industrial chemicals
Company with international transportation Home animal care products

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