M/s.Blow Packaging India Ltd With decades of experience and know how, M/s.Blow Packaging India Ltd has the total infrastructure to provide complete packaging solutions. The factory is equipped with the latest state-of-Injection moulded in one piece with reinforced ribs for extra strength for manufacturing Conipack Pails Convenient Handling closed mouth / full open top barrels. Another important factor is the location of the factory at Ambattur industrial Area, which is well connected by road & rail and has a close proximity to the Chennai port.

7 Ltr / 10 kg Pail 7.5 Ltr Omega Pail 10 Ltr Omega Pail
10 Ltr Paint Pail 20 Kg Pail 20 Ltr Omega Pail
15 Ltr Omega Pail 20 Ltr Pail 27 Ltr Pail

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